ZYGO have developed products over a wide range of telescope designs including refractive, reflective and catadioptric, with apertures sizes from 75 mm to 500 mm, incorporating glass, ceramic and metal optical materials. Their primary focus is in the UV-VIS-SWIR wavelength range.

Product history includes:

  • Rugged high performance ISR lenses for UAV and other airborne applications
    • wide thermal range
    • wide FOV and high resolution
    • Interferometric and MTF testing at temperature and altitude
    • tight tolerance systems that maintain high performance in challenging environments
  • Space systems
    • survival of launch loads across all relevant launch vehicles
    • selection of low outgassing materials
    • cost effective systems utilizing a commercial supply chain where applicable
    • Earth imaging
      • large and small aperture
      • panchromatic, multi-spectral and hyperspectral
      • high thermal stability and high thermal gradient tolerance
      • freeform designs
    • Star tracker
      • ultra-stable pointing angle
      • cost effective high performance designs
    • Laser communication
      • beam expander telescopes
      • beam management and delivery optics 


One of the earliest applications of optics was magnifying the view of small object. To this day microscopic imaging systems are employed in a broad range of applications and ZYGO's experience includes developing refractive and reflective designs in the wavelength range UV-VIS-SWIR with NA up to 3.3.

They develop microscope objective and imaging systems in a number of applications including:

  • fluorescence microscopes for biotechnology
  • 3D dental imaging
  • digital stereo 3D surgical zoom microscopes for ophthalmology and neurosurgery
  • ellipsometry and solid immersion objectives for semiconductor inspection 

Laser Beam Delivery Systems

Lasers continue to be employed in an ever widening application space. One of the most common challenges is getting the laser from the source to the object, with the right power, size and shape. Zygo develop laser beam delivery systems that employ CW or pulsed pico-/femto- second lasers in the UV-to-IR across a wide range of applications including:

  • Material Processing in semiconductor and other application with laser power exceeding 1000W CW
  • Laser surgery
  • Laser illumination for lithography and biotechnology
  • beam expanders, shapers, and homogenizers 

Complex Optical Assemblies

ZYGO develops complete integrated systems and subsystems in a wide variety of applications incorporating a broad range of optical components such as a fibre optics, LCD or OLED displays, SLMs, gratings/diffractive elements, and LEDs. Example applications, including:

  • Wide FOV mixed reality helmet mounted display for simulation and training
  • Maskless Lithography illuminator and projection systems
  • Custom Test equipment
  • Calibrated distortion to better than 1ppm
  • Interferometric and MTF lens test at temperature and pressure
  • custom wavelength interferometry 

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