For more than 50 years, phase-shifting interferometry has been the technology of choice for high-precision surface form metrology instruments. These interferometers provide fast and reliable measurements of surface form error and transmitted wavefront of optical components, systems, and assemblies. From research environments to a wide range of industrial applications, laser interferometers offer high levels of data traceability for quality assurance and post-production analysis. They have become an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Zygo’s Qualifire represents a leap forward for laser interferometers by providing solutions to known challenges for instruments of this type.

A New Approach to Phase Shifting Interferometry

Common to optical metrology in many modern systems, the Fizeau design uses a fixed, on-axis coherent point source to illuminate the interferometric cavity.  For the most part, it works very well.  While phase-shifting and fixed illumination remain the gold standard, Zygo is always looking for improvements and has explored the benefits of dynamic illumination with the new Flying Spot option.

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