ZYGO's Verifire™ Series of laser Fizeau interferometers represent a complete line of high performance metrology instruments for the measurement of plano, spherical and aspherical surfaces and material characteristics. The systems provide a variety of proprietary acquisition techniques to ensure optimum metrology in a wide range of environments. For acquisition in turbulent environments, ZYGO offers the DynaFiz interferometer. While all Verifire™ models can perform standard interferometric metrology, each model offers unique capabilities that set it apart in the industry.

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Key Features:

  • High performance interferometers for production, quality control, and research & development applications.
  • Wide range of metrology capabilities from flats to spheres to conics and aspheres.
  • ZYGO manufactured and qualified hardware and software provides unmatched value and low cost of ownership.
  • Increase production throughput by minimizing operator variability.
  • Proprietary artifact suppression capability.

Verifire™ XPZ - provides excellent accuracy and repeatability using mechanical phase modulation, a 640 x 480 pixel digital camera, and ZYGO's powerful Mx data acquisition and analysis software.

Verifire™ QPZ - configured for accurate metrology in production environments. The QPZ systems includes a high speed digital camera which provides rapid data acquisition, enabling accurate phase acquisition in the presence of nominal production vibrations. This system also includes ZYGO's patented acquisition capability which enables accurate on-axis metrology in the presence of large production vibrations by shortening the camera shutter rate.

Verifire™ ATZ - represents ZYGO's highest performance interferometer with mechanical phase acquisition. The ATZ comes standard with a 1000 x 1000 pixel CCD camera for high resolution metrology, ZYGO's proprietary Ring of Fire™ illumination system for artifact suppression and encoded zoom and focus capabilities which minimize variability among operators.

Verifire™ MST - utilises a wavelength shifting laser and patented data acquisition methods to enable simultaneous measurement of the front and back surface of transparent optics, thickness variation (including wedge) and simple 2-step homogeneity metrology without difficult part preparation or messy coatings.

Verifire™ Asphere - The first metrology tool for fast, non-contact, high-accuracy 3D metrology of aspheric surfaces. Production-friendly features include automated alignment, acquisition, and analysis.

Capability-Expanding Products

Accessories - ZYGO offers a wide variety of accessories to expand or enhance the capabilities of your interferometer system.

Large Aperture Systems - ZYGO offers Large Aperture Systems in 12", 18" 24" and 32" apertures, which can be used to measure both surface form and transmitted wavefront quality.

Expanded Wavelength Capabilities - ZYGO's precise phase-shifting interferometer solutions are available in several additional wavelengths ranging from 266 nm to 10.6 µm.