QPSI™ Technology Shrugs Off Vibration from Common Sources

When image stabilization became available on digital cameras, it vastly reduced the number of photos ruined by camera shake. The new technology eliminated the effects of common hand tremors, greatly improving image quality in many photo situations.

[caption id="attachment_4586" align="alignright" width="202"] Animated comparison of a PSI measurement with fringe print-through due to vibration, and the same surface measured with QPSI™ technology – free of noisy print-through.[/caption]

In precision interferometric metrology, a similar problem, environmental vibration, has ruined countless measurements, like the one in the animation shown at right. Vibration can significantly affect measurement results and spatial frequency analysis, and it is difficult to make high quality optics if you can not measure them reliably. Solving the vibration problem can be costly, requiring the purchase of a vibration isolation system or a special dynamic interferometer.

ZYGO's QPSI™ technology is truly a breakthrough for many optical facilities because it eliminates problems due to common sources of vibration, providing reliable data the first time you measure. QPSI measurements require no special setup or calibration, and cycle times are typically within a second or two of standard PSI measurements.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates ripple and fringe print-through due to vibration
  • High-precision measurement; same as phase-shifting interferometry (PSI)
  • Requires no calibration, and no changes to your setup
  • Easily enabled/disabled with a mouse click

QPSI is available exclusively from ZYGO on Verifire™, Verifire™ HD, Verifire™ XL, and also on DynaFiz® interferometer systems that have the PMR option installed (phase measuring receptacle). These systems are easy-to-use, on-axis, common-path Fizeau interferometers – the industry standard for reliable metrology – making them the logical choice for most surface form measurements.

QPSI™ Simplifies Production Metrology
A ZYGO interferometer with QPSI technology is capable of producing reliable high-precision measurements in the presence of environmental vibration from common sources such as motors, pumps, blowers, and personnel. Unless your facility is free of these sources, your business will likely benefit from QPSI technology.

While QPSI can completely solve many common vibration issues, environments that have extreme vibration and/or air turbulence may require the additional capability of DynaPhase® dynamic acquisition, which is included by default with ZYGO's DynaFiz® interferometer. DynaPhase® is also available as an option on most new Verifire systems from 2018 onwards.
We can help determine the best solution for your particular situation.

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