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Lambda Photometrics Ltd partners with VSPARTICLE BV

Lambda Photometrics has been appointed the technical distributor for VSPARTICLE in the UK and Ireland in support of the growth in the production and use of nanoparticles for a wide variety of applications. The nano particle generator, sizer and deposition chambers can be used to rapidly produce consistent materials at ambient temperatures without the need for highly complex processes.

Ian Ramsay, Lambda’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that VSPARTICLE BV have chosen to work with Lambda in the UK and Ireland. VSPARTICLE 's innovative and simple to operate equipment can only be of benefit to our customers that need to produce nanoparticles for example, in the areas of Catalysis, Toxicology, micro and nano sensor fabrication, etc. We are all excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to working with the VSPARTICLE team”.

Maarten Kamp, VSP Global Operations Manager, “We see a trend world-wide in combining expertise in characterisation, measurement and analysis with novel synthesis tools, so there is a strong connection between the activities of  Lambda and VSP. With their great team and extensive experience in sales and support we believe this will be an important collaboration to further speed up research, looking forward to it!”

A table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator that is the basis of all VSPARTICLE products. With the VSP-G1, a stable and clean flow of well-defined pure nanoparticles can be generated, without the use of precursors, surfactants or highly complex equipment.

Follow the links to see VSPs latest innovations:

VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator

VSP-A1 Diffusion Deposition

VSP-A2 Filtration Deposition

VSP-A3 Impaction Deposition

Changing the Future with the touch of a button video: click here to see the video from VSPARTICLE.

About Lambda Photometrics (Lambda)
Lambda Photometrics Ltd is a leading supplier of equipment, for the characterisation, measurement and analysis of materials and devices.  Celebrating over 40 years of sales and support in the UK and Ireland, Lambda staff pride themselves on understanding customers applications and providing excellent communication, support and advice.

Born out of the TU Delft research and with over 20 years experience in the synthesis of aerosols, VSPARTICLE develop and manufacture equipment to enable automated nanoparticle production, applied to most elements in the periodic table.  We support this process by making nanoparticle-based manufacturing as easy as pushing a button and providing research and industry with the tools to rapidly advance the field of nanotechnology.

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