PRESENTER: Mark Elo (Vice President of the Americas, Tabor Electronics)

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 3:00PM - 4:00PM

As an experimentalist, you are trying to gain the most insight from the work you perform, such as a better understanding of electron spin behaviour and maintaining coherence in the presence of noise and across multiple devices. Iteratively changing the characteristics of the electromagnetic pulses being applied to the system is one of the techniques that can help gain that insight. Changing pulse-to-pulse phase shift, pulse duration, and pulse shaping techniques, combined with a measurement feedback system can correct errors or enhance the performance of the experiment. In this workshop, we will look at direct-to-microwave, real-time shaped pulse generation and measurement.

We will examine how to generate dynamic waveforms with characteristics that change periodically based on measurement. Understanding the architecture of instrumentation and fundamentals, such as sampling rates, on-board memory, and analog bandwidth will be covered; however, this type of application often goes beyond signal generation and measurement. Computing requirements such as memory and processing speed, data transfer rates, and interface choices must also be considered.

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