Dr. Shahriar Shahramian of The Signal Path video blog has just completed an instrument teardown and application demonstration of Tabor Electronics’ new 12GHz Lucid 4-channel signal generator.

The Signal Path is one of the largest and most comprehensive independent RF and Microwave video blogs on YouTube and provides high quality instrument reviews. In the video blog, Dr. Shahramian explains how Tabor achieved their specs in a small form factor using an innovative design approach, and how Lucid's modularity allows to have up to 4-channels in a single 2U unit with GUI, or 1U rack unit without. With single channel, portable and desktop form factors to complement, Lucid is an ideal tool for the lab, production line or field.

The video explains why Lucid is Ideal for gaining the highest insight when performing mixer and ADC characterisation or just as a multiple LO coherent source.