Wednesday, June 23, 2021 18:00 -19:00 BST

The use of polarisation maintaining (PM) elements based upon optical fibres and waveguides are constantly growing in many applications, including telecommunications, fibre sensing, medical imaging, and high-power lasers. Because of the unique feature of preserving the states of the polarisation of the optical signal passing through, polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) can be minimised and polarisation dependent loss (PDL) can be eliminated, thus increasing the quality of the signal. 

The polarisation maintaining ability of PM fibres and waveguides is generally characterised by their polarisation extinction ratio (PER) – that is, the ratio between the power in the principal polarisation component of a light beam to the power in the orthogonal polarisation component, expressed in dB. External mechanical stresses, temperature variations, fiber splicing, fibre connecterisations, and polarisation misalignments are all factors that can degrade the overall PER in the fibre network. 

In this webinar, Luna will present the different solutions for measuring the PER of different optical components. More emphasis is on the PXA-1000 because of its unique capability of providing distributed polarisation crosstalk information and the PER of a particular section along the optical path. 

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