Q: What are the General Specifications for the LATAB Continuous Mode Controllers?

  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC +/- 10%, max. 2,5 A
  • Power output: max. 1 A / 3 A
  • Light intensity: 0 - 100% internal potentiometer
  • Trigger input: 5 - 24 V, optically isolated
  • Trigger frequency: max. 200 Hz
  • Operation temperature: 0 - 65 °C


Q: Are LATAB light heads and controllers suitable for industrial use?

The product features of the LATAB controllers are numerous: designs suitable for industrial use, adjustable light intensity, up to 4 channels, PC operation via Ethernet, PC RS-232 or stand alone. Continuous or strobe operation mode, with adjustable pulse durations from 50 µs to 1.5 ms. Other durations can be requested.

Q: Am I able to test / evaluate LATAB lighting?

LATAB have developed a demo controller/laboratory tester enabled for plug and play. Simply connect the LATAB light head and the controller automatically limits the output current to the specified maximum for the connected light head. All adjustments can be done from the front panel. The demo controller can operate in both continuous and strobe modes:

  • Continuous mode: normal as well as external on/off control
  • Strobe mode: internal or external trigger. Strobe time from 0.001-1.5msec
  • Trigger frequency: adjustable internal generator; 1-50Hz or external up to 200Hz.
  • Light intensity range: (i) 0-100% @ strobe time 0.001–1.5msec; (ii) 0-200% @ strobe time max. 100


There are over 3500 different light heads in the LATAB range. Clearly we cannot have every unit in our evaluation stock pool – if we cannot provide you with the exact model you require we will provide you with the closest technical specification available. Please use ‘Get in touch’ or call one of our Machine Vision Engineers on 01582 764334 to make these arrangements.